Recipe Index

Irish Soda Bread
English Muffin Bread 
Banana Bread - Sugarless, Whole Wheat, Low-Cal 
Chocolate Raspberry Cinnamon-Sugar Challah Bread Sweet Rolls 
Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Peach and Pear Breakfast Crumble
Homemade Granola and Parfait
Baked Banana Oatmeal
Apple Pie Oatmeal 
Banana and Pineapple Pancakes
Magical Breakfast Cream
Chocolate Oatmeal
Cocoa Granola 
Banana Chocolate-Chip Chocolate Protein Pancakes 
Bircher Muesli 
French Toast 
Apple Banana Walnut Danish 
Healthy Banana Coconut Pancakes

Potato Salad
Detox Salad 
The Perfect Summer Sandwich

Banana Choc Chip Muffins
Chocolate Nests (Easter treat)
Chocolate Coconut Rough Slice 
Chocolate Balls 
ANZAC biscuits
Salmon, Sweet Potato and Goats Cheese Puffs
Salmon, Potato and Goats Cheese Puffs
Avocado Puffs 
Dark Chocolate, Cranberry and Macadamia Bars 
Cornflake Biscuits 
Caprese Salad Bites 
Mushroom Crostini 
Choc-Banana Bites 
Protein Balls 
Frozen Yoghurt Bites 
Antipasti / Snack Plates 
Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt Bars 
Chocolate Peanut Butter Dates 
Non-Traditional Oatmeal Cookies 
Chocolate Banana Bread 
Oat Cups 
Apricot and Chocolate Oat Bar Muffins

Greek Pasta Salad
Steak and Mushroom Pies 
Skinny Pasta Cabonara 
Mum's Chicken Burgers 
Brown Rice Salad with Grilled Fish 
Pineapple and Shrimp Tacos 
Salmon and Potato Pizzas 
Vegetarian Pasta 
Tuna Bake 
Pasta Salad
Chicken and Prawn Pasta 
Lamb Pizza 
Clean Lasagne
Honey Mustard Roasted Pork and Pears 
Pork Chops with Apple and Mushrooms 
Veal Scallopini 
Fresh Tomato Pasta

Chocolate Fudge Cake
Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes 
Simply Chocolate Cake 
Roasted Cherry Brownies with Roasted Cherry Ganache
Skinny Fudgy Banana and Peanut Butter Brownies 
Triple Layer Brownies 
Malteser Brownies
Easter Egg Brownies
Molten Chocolate Caramel Lava Cake 
Lamington Fingers 
New York Times Best Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Maple Cheesecake Brownies
Birthday Pinata Cake
Caramel Biscuit Brownies

Fruit Based:
Banana Cake 
Apple Crumble Tartlets 
Easy Apple Crumble 
Pear and Strawberry Bake 

Cauldron Cakes [Harry Potter]
Goats Cheese and Apple Pie [Hunger Games]
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