Wednesday, 11 April 2012


My mum is in town for three days! Therefore I decided this week’s WIAW really would be what I ate on Wednesday. Again, a huge thanks to Jenn over at Peas and Crayons for hosting this awesome event.

I started the day off early at 6:30 with baked banana oatmeal. It was cold and I needed a pick me up.

I was tired but attempted to do some exercise – this resulted in 20 minutes of half hearted Pilates before I gave up and waited excitedly for my Mum to arrive. When she did we went shopping at the shopping centre next door (literally 100 m away, and I actually mean ‘literally’). I went a little crazy buying baking tins and goods. Then, as Mum had an early flight and I ate earlier than usual, we had a second breakfast at 10:30.

We went to this French cafe/bistro in the shopping centre, where the waiters actually speak French. I had a homemade and warm croissant with jam and a hot chocolate (I don’t drink coffee). 

We then continued shopping until we had pretty much bought every item a baker would need. We came home and went for a long walk in the park nearby, which was a lot of fun. The sky was a really light blue and kids were absolutely crawling all over the park equipment – it was such a lovely, family day. We got peckish around three and pretty much polished off a bag of beautiful red grapes. 

Then it was my turn to cook for Mum. I made lemon, parmesan and fetta chicken with a rocket, pear and potato salad with lemon dressing. It was actually really delicious and the chicken was really well cooked (if I do say so myself).The little chicken looking things on the salad is actually just fried eggs and breadcrumbs - the leftover eggs and breadcrumbs from the crumbing stage where simply fried with the leftover oil after the chicken was done.

For dessert I had an Old Gold chocolate egg and a Ferrero Rocher. I have a real obsession with Ferrero – everybody knows this, so I got a lot of them for Easter. I've been good though - only like one a day! (except for yesterday when I had three)

Overall it was such a lovely day and I really enjoyed the food. I can’t wait to see what you guys ate!


  1. I have seen the idea of baked oatmeal on multiple blogs, and have always wanted to try it, but for some reason I still haven't! Yours looks great...maybe I need to try it tomorrow morning!

    1. It's such a great breakfast - I was skeptical at first but now it's my go-to breakfast when it's cold and I want something smothered in honey!

  2. oh god. you just can't been a warm croissant. you just can't.