Tuesday, 3 July 2012

WIAW - Fairytales

My favourite fairytale when I was a kid was The Little Mermaid. Ariel was totally kickass. I was not a Cinderalla/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White fan. The Little Match Girl always made me cry, as did The Ugly Duckling. Beauty and The Beast also made me cry, though now that I'm older, I really appreciate the message of the story. We had the actual fairytales, as well as the children's versions. So I grew up knowing two versions of The Little Mermaid - one where Ariel died, one where she didn't. Either way, she was the best fairytale princess.

I am mentioning this because today and tomorrow I am looking after my two young cousins - they are 5 and 3, both girls, who both love mermaids and princess and pink and glitter pens. And I remember being exactly like that - I always wanted to be a mermaid princess with a pink tail. It's weird how you grow up - I'd still like to be a mermaid or a princess, but you couldn't make me go near pink. And these days, instead of being a princess or mermaid, I want to write about them.

In a relatively related note, my favourite legends are Robin Hood and King Arthur/Merlin. Did anyone ever watch the BBC versions of these shows? Merlin should be back for a fifth season soon, but Robin Hood ran for three seasons a few years ago. Both of these shows are absolutely amazing. I could not recommend them more - expecially if you love classic Brit TV and love the British sense of humour.

Now that I've jumped all over the place, from talking about my favourite fairytales to my favourite legends, I'll get to the point of this post. It's Wednesday, so that means it is WIAW time. I only have two pictures this time - I totally forgot to take pictures this time! As usual, a huge thanks to Jenn at Peas and Crayons for hosting this get together. For the month of July we are focusing on exercise as well as eating well. I have no interesting exercise news to share with you. I run every day for half an hour. That's it.

Oh, and I'm such a bad food blogger - I forgot to take pictures of this amazing lunch I had the other day in Port Douglas with the family. I don't live here (near Port Douglas) anymore, but it's gorgeous. The picture below is a view I grew up with - the Great Barrier Reef was right on my doorstep. And even in winter, the temperature in Far North Queensland hits 30 degrees. So really, there is no winter.

Here is the view from lunch where I enjoyed an oriental crepe with roasted duck as an entree, a goats cheese round encrusted with smashed macademia nuts and honey, served with a trio of tapanede (beetroot, capsicum and olive) and ciabatta for a main meal, and a macademia brownie for dessert:

This is the family - Shaun, Mum, Me and Dad (and Mum, you look great, so you can't yell at me for putting this up :)):

And yes my brother is a giant. We're not a short family.

And here is my food from yesterday. I stuck to three square meals yesterday for some reason. Breakfast was oats (unpictured as they were plain with honey). Lunch was a crumbed veal, mashed potato, cheese and tomato sauce sandwich with pumpkin on the side. It was also like a post workout meal. I don't usually eat white bread but it was all we had, and well, you just can't beat mashed potato sandwiches. I know, carb overload, but they are so amazing. Dinner was garlic butter whole wheat pasta with sauteed mushrooms and baked broccoli, topped with parmesan cheese. Dessert was a few spoonfuls of passionfruit yoghurt.

A huge thanks also goes out to my brother who redid my blog design yesterday! :)


  1. Love the blog makeover, it looks great!

  2. Wow, what an amazing view! Not to shabby to grow up looking out onto the Great Barrier Reef! I really need to come to Australia again, it's such a beautiful place! Happy WIAW!

  3. mashed potato sandwich? i have never heard of such a thing, but it sounds indulgent and delicious!