Monday, 18 March 2013

Youtube + Workouts

Seriously, that is an odd title.

But it's what I wanted to talk about today. So, YouTube. I rarely use it. Only if a song I like is on YouTube but not released yet will I use it. Or if I'm watching movie trailers or CommunityChannel has finally put up a new video. Otherwise, I just don't use it. But then I stumbled across Jack's Gap the other day and it was hilarious and I pretty much watched every video in their collection. Same with some other British comedy guys. So my question for you guys is, are you Youtube fans? Got any good, funny suggestions?

 Oh, and Fitness Blender and Blogilates for workouts. Check those guys out - their workouts are pretty quick, intense and they leave you feeling pretty haggard.Do you guys have any good recommendations for online workouts? I'm always looking for a good workout online. Yoga, pilates, cardio, strength, circuit, pylometrics - anything? 

Speaking of workouts, this leads in to what I'm talking about next. I went to the most amazing boxing class last Friday. I'd never done boxing before. It was fantastic! Not only was it incredibly difficult, but it left me feeling exhausted and like I had really worked out hard. And it was completely empowering. Which was just amazing - I felt so strong and powerful. This is coming from a young girl of average height - I am anything but powerful and threatening.

As for my other workouts I've definitely noticed a difference in my performance. I started working out seriously last year and while it's been a bit of a slow process, I feel like I am definitely improving both in how my body looks and what I can do. I can run faster and for longer, I can lift more, I can jump higher, I can hold my handstands for longer and I can almost do a pullup (almost!). It's pretty exciting when I notice these changes. I've also noticed my body is a bit more toned but I'm not sure if I'm imaging it because a lot of people have said I don't look any different. I'm just going to keep thinking I do. I hope I do - with the effort I've been putting in, I should.

One thing I've noticed around the fitness blog world lately is everybody talking about how they can do handstands - now. And I thought that was strange because I've always been able to do handstands (I did gymnastics for a looong time, and have been able to do handstands since). I am very proud to be able to say that I can do handstands - and good ones (except in this picture, where my arms are weird).

I often get discouraged reading health and fitness blogs; seeing all these people who can run faster than me, lift more than me, are better at yoga, can hold longer planks and in general, are better than me. But then I remembered that some of them can't do handstands. And I can. So the lesson here is, and it's an important one, that there is always something you can do that someone else can't. And vice versa.

Finally, one last quick note: I found this article was great. It's really refreshing and, honestly, empowering, to see that those perfect looking women you see on tv do not look like that all the time. And in all honesty, these two women look absolutely amazing in their regular bodies (a lot less creepily tanned and not as super thin) and it's great to see that perfectly sculpted abs are not around every god damn day like we're led to believe. Anyway, give the article a read.

Hopefully you've stuck with me through this. And as I was asked so nicely, here are some more pictures of my holiday in America.

Boston! I only got one day there, but I loved it. It was my favourite place in America.

Harvard University - it was such a wonderful place.

Actual ivy on the walls! Makes me wish I was eligible to go there.

That's right. We ate at the Cheers bar.

Still at the bar. I cannot believe how long my hair was. 

Still the bar.
 Following the Freedom Trail. One of the best things I've ever done. We followed the trail all around the city and got to see some absolutely amazing things. I wish I could tell you and show you everything, but we did so much in one day. It was brilliant.

Modern Pastry - named as one of America's best bakeries. You can bet we stopped there.

My chocolate cheesecake from Modern. OMG. That is all I can say.

According to my friend from MA, this is Boston's other major bakery and we should have gone there as well.

The beautiful streets of the Italian section.

We saw the Boston Celtics vs Indianna Pacers. I love live basketball so this was fantastic. And you know, I've never been in such a big stadium! Was so cool.

So that's all for today, guys. Check back for an AMAZING recipe for Easter later this week! Have a good one.


  1. I think what you have realized is a good thing, the comparison trap is strong but you are way more than that!

    1. Thanks Alex - and you're right about that. Always good to remember that about yourself :)

  2. I want to go overseas sooo bad - your trip looks like soo much fun :) Congrats on seeing progress with your workouts - I find that to be the ultimate motivator to sticking with it, I have done a few blogilates ab workouts and she kills! I love P90X and insanity workouts but they are pretty long, however I can do a freaking pull up now! Yay! (mind you only 1 though haha)

    Your hair is awesome - I am soo jealous. Is it not long anymore?

    Looking forward to your easter recipe!

    1. Yeah insanity terrifies me haha! One pullup is freaking amazing! I would love to do that. I cut my hair! But thanks anyway - it's just over shoulder length now. And black. It's odd haha.

  3. I just tried a Blogilates video for the first time on Saturday (my car was in the shop so I couldn't go to the gym). Great workout but I think I'll have to put her on mute next time :S I like Jillian Michaels' Blast Fat Boost Metabolism (or something like that) video - it's available for free on YouTube and doesn't need any equipment so it's a good at-home option.

    I used to love doing handstands when I was little but haven't tried to do one in ages... the thought of doing one as a fully grown adult kind of scares me. You must have some good arm/core strength!

    1. Well, you're definitely right about Blogilates. Good workout but so much talking! Sometimes I just want quiet haha. Oh, yeah, I should definitely look into Jillian Michaels - great idea!

      As for the handstands; I really don't have arm strength. It's like non-existent. Mayyybbeee core strength? Not that it looks like I do, it may just be hidden under my stomach haha. I don't know why it doesn't scare me - pretty much everything else does. It's like the only thing I can do well haha