Sunday, 4 August 2013

Life Lately 2

I used to call these posts 'around the web' but decided to change it, mostly because I don't just talk about things from around the web. I wanted to keep you guys updated on my life, so instead I shall talk about what's been happening lately.

University has started officially, but I'm not too busy yet. At the moment it's just a lot of adapting to my final classes and my new classmates.

I've been watching a lot of Ripper Street. Mostly because Jerome Flynn is seriously amazing.

I had plans to make food for Harry Potter/Neville Longbottom/J.K Rowling's birthdays, but everything I tried tasted terrible. I couldn't cook! Nothing was working out for me.

I then got sick and now everything tastes bad. So I'll be back in the kitchen properly soon.

In about 10 hours from when I am writing this the next Doctor will be announced. As 11 (Matt Smith) is my Doctor, I feel I should share this. Thanks, Matt Smith, for everything.

This list of instagrammers to follow if you love London is undeniably perfect. I am now following them all because, as most of you know, I would really love to move to England (maybe sooner than expected!).

This blog is dedicated to breakfast. AKA, the best meal of the day.

This list of ridiculous things people believed in when they were young is hilarious. Mostly because I believed in weird things too. I believed my Dad could open our garage door by magic. He couldn't. He had a remote control. What did you guys believe in?

Things you understand if raised by a teacher. This list is SO TRUE. Other children raised by teachers can attest to this. The worst is that you can never date someone without your mother/father finding out five minutes after you agreed to go out with them. Teachers have a spy network.

And for a laugh, see this. Trust me.

AND TO EXPLAIN THE PICS IN THIS POST: If you like Game of Thrones on Facebook, you may have already seen some of the above - pictures of GOT characters as pop culture archetypes. I feel like they totally nailed Sansa. And Joffrey (because you want to punch him). And Bran (forever laughing at the X-men shirt). And (no spoilers for those who haven't seen it), but god damn, Theon's was terrible. I only put in the ones I liked (I didn't like how they did Tyrion or Bronn, two of the best characters). See the rest here.

Have a great few days, and I'll be back with some pancakes later on this week.


  1. How do you feel about the new doctor? I don't really watch Doctor Who, but I was surprised by his age a little bit.

    #7 with Zooey Deschanel was the first to make me crack a smile :) Gosh, and #17.

    I love buzzfeed. I posted that kid of a teacher one a few weeks ago and tagged all of my friends whose parents are teachers. That article describes perfectly why I dated only once in school. Lol.


    1. Yeah I'm pretty happy. I'll wait and see how he is but I like him so far. I like the fact that some of the fangirls who watch it purely for Matt Smith's looks may leave haha.

      The subtitles just make no sense. I don't know why I find it so funny. I just do.

      I'm so glad you've seen the teacher one. And thanks for agreeing about the dating thing haha - it was terrible! One teacher would seeme with a guy and then like five minutes later my Mum knew and was questioning me about it. Hahaha so glad you had the same experience!