Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life Lately 3

I wish I had more 'life' things to discuss when I do these posts but at the moment all I have been doing is working for uni, writing and watching tv (Underemployed anyone?). Therefore this will be the usual mashup of thoughts I've had throughout the week.

Products I'm loving lately:
Cocopure Chocolate Coconut Butter
This stuff is totally amazing. It's rich, thick and absolutely amazing. They have a whole range of coconut butters but I have a feeling this one would be my favourite.
Lindt Excellence with Sea Salt
This is probably my favourite Lindt block of chocolate - I love the rich chocolate combined with the intense salt. It's amazing.

Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese
I'm sensing a pattern. But this stuff is also amazing - with fruit, on bread, by itself. I am crazy about it.

Posts I'm loving lately (oh look, they're like all related to books):
I'm sure you've seen it already, but if you haven't, this post about what would happen if Disney princesses had Instagram is brilliant.

In other book character posts - I feel like this is incredibly relevant to me.

17 problems only book lovers understand - this is my life. Also, number 2 is probably what I relate to most. Also, the gif of Colton Haynes yelling 'you ruined everything' is legitimately terrifying.

Signs you're addicted to books - 11, 15 and 18 are particularly relevant.

I feel like I should read these books. I do tend to judge books by their cover, and I know it's not always right so I'm going to make an effort to read more books with bad covers.

Here is a list of things people want to do in high school. I did practically none of these. What about you guys? Did you do any of these crazy things in high school? (Also, the movies referenced in this post are AMAZING). 

And that is all I have time for today, because I have a seriously busy week of uni before my first 5k this Sunday. Better get running.


  1. yay! I always love hearing from you!!! so much. anywho these look great - I still have yet to try coconut butter but I hope one is coming my way as a gift from my mom. It is so expensive! I have to say I wonder if i would like that jif dip because I don't like pb solely for the texture reason so maybe I will like this texture more??? hm no idea.

    1. Coconut butter is so expensive! I hope you get it as a present then. I like the texture of the most things so I'm afraid I can't help you there though haha.

  2. First off, I loved that Hermione article. I shared that with a few friends when it was first published and said, "Especially #1." Lol. And I've read all of those book ones already too!

    I about died at Pocahontas's comment on Tiana's Instagram. Vegan Version. Bahaha.

    I think I've done two or three of those items on the high school list. I feel like such an underachiever.

    1. I know! I relate so much to Hermione. I know their old posts but I had to post them - I'm such a Buzzfeed stalker I read it all the time.
      My favourite comment was definitely Flynn Rider's on Rapunzel's picture of her leaving the tower. I couldn't stop laughing.
      And I'm definitely an underachiever too - I've done like none of those haha.

  3. I've never tried coconut butter. I went to Whole Foods in London to buy some but the lady there told me that it wasn't that different from coconut oil. But if you say it's worth trying, I'll have to buy a jar.
    And, Philadelphia with chocolate is THE BEST! I actually had the opportunity during my internship to help work on making some in the pilot plant which was really cool....and chocolatey ;)

    1. Well this one is different to coconut oil - more like a spread like Nutella. Oh my god, you got to work with Philadelphia chocolate? So cool! That would have been pretty amazing.

  4. Chocolate coconut butter?! :D
    I've only heard rave reviews of Lindt Sea Salt...I must try it!

    1. I know! You'd think it would be terrible, but it is actually pretty delicious! :)