Thursday, 18 April 2013

'Apple Pie' Oat Cups

These pictures are ugly.

I am forewarning you of this. It's mostly because I'm too lazy to retake them (this was like my fifth attempt - with bad lighting and uncooperative food it was difficult to get a good picture) but also because it's hard to take a picture of these oat cups.

In spite of this, these oat cups are amazing. I make them once a week and eat one cup every few days so that I can enjoy them throughout the whole week. The recipe I have below is for apple-pie style oat cups, and unlike most 'apple-pie' style recipes, these really do a good job of imitating apple pie. It's obviously not quite the same, but they are a legitimate and delicious healthy substitute for a simple weeknight dessert or afternoon snack. They would also definitely work as a breakfast, or as a side dish for a brunch. They are amazing - even my parents liked them!

The recipe is not mine. I adapted it from Including Cake, using the ingredients I had on hand. It worked out brilliantly. For the original recipe, check it out here. While you're there, check out some of the other recipes there - I've made several before and I can honestly say I have not had a failure yet. For apple-pie oat cups, read below.

Makes three oat cups.

What you need:

For the cups:
1/3 cup oats
3 tbsp flour
1 tbsp LSA mix (or some other ground seed mix)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp honey
4 tbsp plain or Greek yoghurt

For the filling:
1 tbsp apple-rhubarb jam (or regular apple jam or regular rhubarb jam or some other jam, though another flavour will affect the apple-pie effect of the oat cups)
4 tbsp apple-cinnamon yoghurt (or combine regular yoghurt with a few teaspoons of applesauce and cinnamon)

What to do:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Generously coat three muffin holes in a 12-hole muffin tin with butter or oil spray, coating the side of each muffin hole.

In a small bowl, mix the oat cup ingredients together and stir well until a shaggy, brown batter has formed. It will not be attractive.

Divide the mixture into the three muffin tray holes and using the back of a spoon (or your fingers), press the batter into the sides of the muffin hole so that the mixture makes a bowl shape (covers the bottom and sides of the muffin hole).

Bake in the oven for no longer than 10 minutes. Make sure the cups are browned, maybe a little golden, but only just cooked when you remove them.

Serve immediately or if serving later reheat the cups before serving. To serve, place the jam at the bottom of the oat cup and then dollop the yoghurt on top. Serve warm for the apple-pie effect. 


  1. I still think they look pretty great :)

    But I know what you mean. Sometimes food is just not that photogenic no matter what you do.

    Hope you have a great weekend Bec!

    1. Thanks Madison! And in spite of how delicious these are, they are definitely NOT photogenic.