Monday, 29 April 2013

From Around The Web

Here are some things I have found from around the web (and beyond) this past week:
These are the greatest looking pancakes. I am so doing this on the weekend.

Liquid Cake. I mean, what even is that.

I am behind on Silent Witness and was just introduced to David Caves as Nick. I am actually going to say that he is better than Harry. Better. Than. Harry.

Why was the Doctor's name in a book? The most important secret EVER, and it is in a book?

This has to be the funniest list ever. I love Buzzfeed. It's a black hole I can never escape from.

As for middle-class problems - this one is me. Except replace skiing (which I am very bad at) with something I am good at, like shopping.

Author's wrote down tips for budding writers on their hands. These two are my favourite (by Garth Nix, who is amazing, and Scott Eagle).

This is how I feel. Like, everytime someone tries to pry me away from my book. Even when 'someone' is homework.

And on that note, I'm off. I'll try and think of something to share next week. Or at least I'll find more things to talk about.


  1. Ahh how I love first world problems - that link is so funny :)

    1. I know. I remember times when I've had those same thought and then I feel so guilty.